• Mon. Mar 1st, 2021

How to Reset Epson L1100 Printer waste ink pad counter with Adjustment Program? Modern Epson printers have built in software / firmware that keep a record of the number of copies and prints. When you reach a certain point, machines shows ‘a printer’s ink pad is at the end of its service life, please contact Epson Support’ or ‘your printer requires maintenance’ or “Parts inside your printer may be worm” or “service required” error message with red light blinking and you are not allowed to do any work. We panic, rush to the nearest service center and pay expensive money for service charge and also lost our important time. There is also a possibility that a trained technician of a service center will damage the printer/machine. To get rid of such problems, I have been constantly sharing my practical knowledge through blogs. Hopefully this solves your problem and saves you time and money. At the same time, your self-confidence increases and so does your satisfaction. Please follow the steps:-

Epson L1110 Printer is next generation printer that just can to print document. Epson L1110 if arrived the time need to be reset with resetter and adjustment program. In this tutorial we will show step by step how to reset Epson L1110 with resetter. Follow the instructions carefully.

  1. First the most important is you must disable all of your antivirus, disable also the Windows Defender.
  2. Download resetter adjustment program (click here).
  3. Extract the .zip resetter packages, you will have two main folder, first EPSON L1110 RESETTER, second KEYGEN L1110.
  4. Now open the EPSON L1110 RESETTER folder. Right click in Adjprog.exe, and select Run as administrator.

How to Reset Epson L1110 printer

  • Paste in notepad Hardware ID that show, you can just open notepad/microsoft word, then press Ctrl+v with keyboard
  • Next, Open folder KEYGEN L1110\EXE, double click file WLGen_L1110.exe. and click License Manager.
  • Click Add License, Fill in CustomerCompanyHardware ID, and Custom DataHardware ID is code that you pasted in notepad, and click Save.
  • Select list that you’ve created and click Create License Key, and click Ok.
  • Open your license key based on your folder location, right click in file license.reg, and select merge. Dialog will appear and select Yes.
  • Open your adjustment program again and right click in Adjprog.exe and select Run as administrator.
  • Select Particular adjustment mode.
  • Select Waste ink pad counter, click Ok.
  • Now for the last step, checklist in Main pad counter and Platen pad counter. Click Check button, and then click Initialize button, click Finish. Now turn off you printer, close your resetter, and turn on your printer epson L1110 again.

Note: Disable antivirus is most important for resetter to run smoothly.

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