• Sat. Sep 11th, 2021
6 mobile app development blogs that every developer needs to follow

Being a mobile app developer is a tenacious job as just being able to develop mobile apps won’t cut it. You also need experience and skills about – different tools and languages, exercise on your skills with different features, functions, frameworks. You need to always stay updated! To make your way up on the priority list you must do so much more. And sometimes you need help, from the better experienced, that’s where the need for reading mobile development blogs comes from. Below is 6 such mobile development blogs that every developer needs to read-

1. The MobileAppDaily : This one is a website covering any detailed info about the mobile phone exertions in a magazine type layout. It mostly features sponsored items but not exclusively so. The page consists of different app previews and customer feedback. It helps a great lot in advertising along with strategically marketing.

2. App Clover: This one is a bit diverse but leaning towards the positive sense, this blog doesn’t only provides features of different apps one handedly, it helps mobile app developers from different communities to gather and share their creative point of view. There’s around a 160 articles, give or take, to read from. And expert contributors exchange their thoughts on projects which helps the development of the project.

3. TechCrunch: TechCrunch is a website about anything ‘technology’ and has acquired quite the reputation for it. This website focuses on anything and everything that you may want to learn about concerning different technologies. Any specific mobile application development technology, methods, marketing, platform etc. – you can learn about them. Even updates about what’s trending and what’s new.  Any mobile app developer in need of some versatile follow up should go check out this blog for sure.

4. Android developer: If you are searching for a blog that serves like an all- purpose- Android guide, then you’ve found it! Android developers features great info on Androids, configuration, solve queries of Android app development, installation process etc. You need any tips and tricks; this is the blog you need to read up on.

5. TechTarget Mobile Computing : It’s  a website that covers different trick,  tips and ideas about some varying subjects like- Mobile networking, Application modernization, Enterprise mobility, Enterprise mobile app development, Application monetization etc. Reading up on all of this can help the developers get a better grasp on what the enterprises ask for while looking for developers. Subscribe and stay tuned with this blog to get a better perspective of the expectations and experiences every app developing company wants from their mobile app developers. 

6. DZone mobile zone: If a blog about mobile app developing gets the crown in my perspective, it would be -DZone mobile zone. Whatever you need to know you just need to explore and find it right here. Database connectivities, Microservices, Agile, Cloud integrations – anything you want to learn about these are available. Also – AI, DevOps, IoT etc. Some really helpful materials among these would be the tutorials done on mobile app developments. These videos and other contents helps you educate yourself about how to develop a mobile app, what frameworks you need etc.

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